Pillow Bag

Side Gusset


Side Gusset Bag

Side Gusset w/ zipper


Side Gusset with Zipper

Pillow Bag



Pillow Bag
Fin or Lap Seal


Different closure systems to meet your individual needs:

  •  Transverse Zipper

Options to enhance your product:

  • Tear Notch – Our various styles of tear notch features provide the consumer with a starting point to grasp and tear open the package.
  • Hang Hole – Hang holes are used for products which are to be hung on store hooks. Several hang hole sizes and styles are available.
  • Handle – Handle hole provide a convenient way for the consumer to carry flexible packaging products. Different handle hole styles are available, with or without reinforcements.
  • Fin Seal – The seam down the back panel of a bag, created when the two ends of the web are sealed and folded over.
  • Lap Seal – The seam down the back panel of a bag, created when one end the web overlaps the other.
  • Offset Back Seam – The typical fin seal can be shifted towards one side of the package, offsetting the seam.
  • Valves – Typically used on coffee packaging, one-way valves allow for excess air to escape the package without allowing air to enter the package, keeping your product as fresh as possible.
  • Angle/K-seals
  • Labels – Whether for promotional events, special offers, or product identification, VPS can apply labels to all types of product. Please contact VPS for additional labeling information – certain size limitations apply.
  • Glued Gussets & Backseam – Glue can be used to tack down or tack together panels of the package for cosmetic or functional purposes. VPS can apply a constant stream of glue or spot glue.
  • Laser Score – Laser scoring creates the basis for a straight line tear for opening, while leaving the barrier layer of material intact. Typically paired with a tear notch feature, the laser score allows the consumer to easily open the package without searching for scissors.
  • Perforation – Perforations provide the basis for a clean tear across the package, without the need for scissors.